Missing community repos

New openSUSE user here.

When I tried to add the Community Repositories using YaST, I only see the “Untested updates” repository listed. I needed to add others (like NVIDIA, Mozilla, etc.) by entering the URL manually, as they were not listed under the Community Repositories.

I followed the instructions posted here:

  1. Open YaST, then click Software Repositories.
  2. Click Add (in the bottom left), then select Community Repositories.
  3. Select NVIDIA Graphics Drivers, then click OK.

How may I fix this so I may see Community Repositories in YaST?

See here, its a known problem:


Thanks to all for the quick replies. (I’m blown away by the speed.)

It looks like the repository is down and/or YaST may be using the wrong URL. I’ll use zypper like a badass even though I’m a newbie. :stuck_out_tongue: