Minimizing Windows

I feel sort of silly for asking this question, but it seems when I minimize a window it closes the application. Shouldn’t it minimize to the panel like the task bar in windows. I am new to Linux, but everytime I minimize a window, I can’t seem to find out where it goes so I can maximize it again…>:(

I checked my process table and I had over twenty instances of firefox running in minimized mode, I killed them all until I can figure out how to maximize the windows. This is frustrating me. Need help where does a minimized window go? They are not visible on the panel.

The panel holds applets, the one that shows apps that are running is called “Task Manager”.

It sound as if your panel lost its task manager applet.

To add it back right click the panel and select “add widgets” from panel options and add the “task manager” widget.

To move it to its rightfull place right click the panel again and select “panel settings” from panel options.

I am having the same problem on the Suse 11.1, but on the panel there is no “task manager” applet.

any help?, when I use the “minimize” button, the application closes…


man oh man is this FUNKY.

basically after alot of futzing around;

right click the taskbar (panel) > PANEL OPTIONS > ADD WIDGETS
ensure that the dropdown box at the top says (ALL WIDGETS)
then slide down to the bottom and select TASKBAR, drag and drop into the taskbar.

Some oddities I noticed was that I had to play around with the PANEL SETTINGS size in order for it to work correctly.


I know I am somewhat behind the date in replying to this but as it was the closest item I found that helped me with the same problem I thought I would add my two cents and how I was able to fix it - I also am using Suse and was not able to find widgits. However I was able to right click on the panel, (taskbar for Windoze users) click on “Add to Panel” and highlighted “Window Selector” and add, which adds an icon to the Panel that opens a menu that allows you to switch between any open or minimized item. Hope this helps.