Minimize all windows with shortcut

How can assign the shortcut “Win Key + M” to minimize all windows?
I haven’t seen this option in “System Preferences” -> “Mouse and keyboard”


How about the show desktop feature?

I click on it with the mouse to do that. But I do not know how to assign a shortcut key to the show desktop feature.

why not use ctrl+alt+d ?


I use opensuse 11.0 with kde 4.1.3
ctrl+alt+d makes nothing.

No, there’s no shortcut in KDE 4 yet. See this bug report: Bug 163349 – No ‘Toggle show desktop’ kwin shortcut in KDE4

I think that removing the shortcut is an error on the developer’s part in assuming how people want to work.

Anyway, to add the functionality back:

add the “show the desktop” widget, then right click it, “Show Desktop Setting” and choose the shortcut to activate it.

This is the best answer:
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