minidlna-multiple directories

Hello, kind of new to these forums so if I’m posting in the wrong place please let me know.

I’ve installed minidlna on my openSUSE Leap 42.3 machine from the packman repository. It seems to be working fine except I am having a slight problem with setting the syntax of adding multiple directories in the config file. On other installations I’ve found it in /etc/minidlna.conf this time it was in /etc/sysconfig/minidlna. The syntax for adding multiple directories seems to be different as well.

I seem to remember it being something along the lines of:


I initially tried this setup with the effect of it only scanning the last directory.
The config file states that they should now be on the same line, seperated by “|” like so:

media_dir=V,/Movies | V,/TV | A,/Music

The result is no media is scanned at all and when I run:

service minidlna status

it shows two errors before starting, the errors state that the last two directories could not be found(TV and Music).

Anyone know the correct syntax for using multiple directories while only scanning for specific types of files in each? Thank you in advance.

Directories exist??? And remember case counts

thanks for the reply
yea, the directories exist and my case is correct in the config file, just double checked.

can’t think of how else to do this, maybe:

media_dir=V,/path/to/Movies | /path/to/TV

I noticed the errors in the log file said specifically that “V,/path/to/Movies” and “A,/path/to/Music” don’t exist so maybe it’s not parsing the string correctly.

From here

Looks like you need the full path

#network_interface=eth0         # Self-discovers if commented (good with NetworkManager)
media_dir=A,/home/user/Music    # Use A, P, and V to restrict media 'type' in directory
friendly_name=Laptop            # Optional
db_dir=/var/cache/minidlna      # Needs to be un-commented
log_dir=/var/log                # Needs to be un-commented
inotify=yes                     # 'no' for less resources, restart required for new media