Minecraft Black Screen OpenSuse 12.3

I have recently installed minecraft in my Opensuse 12.3 install. I downloaded minecraft.jar, and placed it in the root of my home folder and ran java -jar /home/user/minecraft.jar, I could enter my user and pass, but it downloaded and black screened. Then an error message showed up in the terminal, which an old forum post said to install sun java, so I did sudo zypper remove java, and then i downloaded the sun java rpm and installed it. Now i get a black screen, but no error message in the terminal.

I have run minecraft in 13.1 flawlessly, the best MC experience i have ever had. It is sad if I can’t now I have upgraded to 12.3.

I am having this problem myself. I just switched back to openSuse from SabayonLinux and can not remember how I got minecraft working before. I also have it working on my son’s openSuse 12.2 machine, but have forgotten what I did. I’m pretty sure I used java 1.6 instead of 1.7 though.

No Solution found as yet.
I may place a thread on minecraft forums if I find time

This will fix it:
Tutorials/Update LWJGL - Minecraft Wiki

ryanbach’s link there will fix this. I copied over the new lwjgl files but had forgotten to set minecraft.jar as executable (lol took me an hour to realize that) after re-downloading it. haha. Hope you get it going. (p.s. if you are looking for a good clean server w/honest players (mostly) check out this one.

You may want to try this: Running Minecraft on Opensuse 12.2 64-bit | WOH3’s Blog

This is provided that you’re using OpenJDK 7 and not OpenJDK 6 or Oracle’s Java.

Thanks For the Info… :slight_smile: