Migration from CentOS to ubuntu docker image

We are planning to migrate from CentOS base docker image to open suse base docker image. We can chosen opensuse 15.2. Have few clarifications around it.

  1. EOL for the new releases are only 1 year. Is there any version with Long term support like > 3 years?
  2. What is the license for open suse docker image?
  3. Can we have give the link to the source code of open suse docker image?

For #1.
I do not know why you are preferring 15.2 over 15.3 When you are interested in longer support. 15.3 is already one more year to enjoy it. See: https://en.opensuse.org/Lifetime

I do of course not know why you need longer support, but upgrading to the next Leap version is normally not a great effort.

Yes, We are planning to migrate to 15.3.

Regarding upgrade, Our use case is once the product is deployed in field we would not be changing/upgrading it at least 2 years.

Also, Could you please provide the link to get the source code for open suse docker image?

Also, Under what license open suse base image falls under?

Then why do you say 15.2?

I do not use docker, thus take my answer with a pitch of salt, but I see at least 10 packages docker-… in the OSS repo, thus I assume you will find the source in the Source (OSS) repo.

It is all Open Source, as the name openSUSE already suggests. I am not an expert here, but I would say some GPL license.

Docker is Apache License Version 2.0 :wink:

Could be that “open suse base image” is something special within the context of this thread. Sorry that I did not get that. In any case it should have been openSUSE, what ever is meant with the expression.

But openSUSE is based on Linux with GPLv2 and others.

You may buy SLE subscription for that. Otherwise use another distribution.
CentOS -> {Oracle Linux, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux}. Maybe RHEL for small deployment.

As long as package licenses meet the oss (spdx) requirements and pass legal review they are included…