MicroOS roadmap

Hi there! I recently read about MicroOS and meet the immutable idea to be a great way to have a clean and safer operating system. However, many cloud providers in my country don’t support network boots, so I have to use images that are available from these providers. As a result, I’m planning to create a script that can make Debian as similar as possible to MicroOS.

**my first question is, how can I do this? I need a roadmap to follow! **
and my second question is what is the main repository link for the MicroOS core project?


First, welcome to the openSUSE Forums.

openSUSE MicroOS:

You’re correct – there ain’t no Roadmap – only the openSUSE Conference sessions: <https://events.opensuse.org/> – click on “Older Conferences” to view the sessions at the previous conferences.

Apart from that, there’s the MicroOS Wiki entry: <https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:MicroOS>.

There’s a hint of a Roadmap on the openSUSE Leap Micro Wiki entry: <https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:LeapMicro>.

Roadmap is simple, we’re twice as fast as Leap but in fact still based on the same SLE 15 code-stream.

@dcurtisfra thanks!
can you send me link of open suse repository?

@ njfamirm If your VPS provider provides a rescue instance you can boot your rescue instance, make a ramdisk, download the MicroOS ISO into the ramdisk, install qemu, run qemu, and forward a port via SSH tunnel. Use spice to access your install. I used to do this while installing SUSE on my VPS host.

no don’t have this feature!
can you get me link of main MicroOS repo?

A simple search throws

openSUSE MicroOS as such is available from here: <https://get.opensuse.org/microos/>.

  • The repositories are setup when you install it.