[ MicroOS + Nix ] Has anybody had success installing Nix on MicroOS?

Hi all,

I’m trying to install the Nix package manager, one of its requisites being able to read and write the /nix directory.

However, the / directory in MicroOS is read-only, so I tried following this guide: Reddit - Dive into anything (`sudo transactional-update run ‘mksubvolume /nix’), but I’ve got:

2023-10-25 18:54:52 Transaction completed.
2023-10-25 18:54:52 tukit 4.4.0 started
2023-10-25 18:54:52 Options: call 6 mksubvolume /nix 
2023-10-25 18:54:55 Executing `mksubvolume /nix`:
2023-10-25 18:54:55 Calling mksubvolume /nix failed: No such file or directory
2023-10-25 18:54:55 Application returned with exit status 2.
2023-10-25 18:54:55 tukit 4.4.0 started
2023-10-25 18:54:55 Options: close 6 
2023-10-25 18:54:58 New default snapshot is #6 (/.snapshots/6/snapshot).
2023-10-25 18:54:58 Transaction completed.

If I enter a transactional-update shell and run mksubvolume /nix (which is discouraged by the user rbrownsuse in the Reddit post, it will complain I’m trying to create a subvolume in a chroot environment and fail – which I suspect is the same thing is happening when using the run general command.

If anyone successfully installed Nix, I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction.