microOS - Directories / Differences from "regular" distros

I asked in IRC, and I got an answer, but I can’t find it in the logs. For posterity, it’s probably better to ask in a forum post.

Anyway, I’m struggling to find it listed out what microOS discards on reboot, or are marked as RO at a filesystem level, I believe /home /usr/local and /var were mentioned as being persistent, but the rest of the filesystem is a bit of a mystery.

Can someone make clear the differences a new (to microOS) user might need to know beforehand?

A lot of what goes into server management is a plan for where to place files, mounts, and other files needed for services, so a clear answer to this would be nice for me to have, and might be a nice inclusion for the wiki.

I’d like to help write more information on being a beginner to microOS! I think some tutorials on basic concepts/differences might be helpful for new users!

@paulgupta Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:

There are no services (well sshd and maybe cockpit-bridge) to run on MicroOS, you create containers (podman/distrobox) for your services. Well I do run RKE2 and k3s directly on MicroOS…