Micro OS updates

Hello all,

I have installed the Micro OS Kalpa and I would like to know how is the OS updated?

On discover I have only gotten a Firefox update to 123 the last couple of days.
I have also enabled in the settings the following:
Update software: Automatically
Update Frequency: Daily
Use offline updates: Yes
Should I keep these as they are?

Is it expected from me to do something for the OS to be updated? (run a command or something else)

Thanks in advance


I have found this thread which pretty much answers my questions.
Any further info is of course, appreciated! :slight_smile:

Is this a laptop, or a desktop, and does it stay powered on 24/7 ?

It’s a laptop, so it goes to sleep mostly.

Is the following command the one to manually update the system?
transactional-update dup


The default behavior is actually designed with an “always-on” system in mind, and it’s going to check for updates at a random time between 00:00 and 02:00 localtime.

If the machine isn’t on in that Maintenance window, on your next boot, it will pick a random time between when you’ve booted the machine next, and 2 hours after that boot, to check for, and download updates at that time.

Given that you’re on a laptop, that you’re not leaving on, I suggest that you change the Delay, which is done by running sudo systemctl edit transactional-update.timer and adding the line RandomizedDelaySec=15m or whatever shorter interval you prefer.

Generally speaking, it’s not advisable to rely on manual updating with Kalpa, but adjust that timer, to fit into your work flow, and assure that you’re getting the automatic updates.

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The line you are telling me to change is below this comment:

Edits below this comment will be discarded

I made the change after pressing I to be able to write changes
Then esc and then :qw but the changes were not saved

No, don’t change the line. ADD the line, right where the cursor is, when you run that command, and save it. The stuff below the break, where it says Edits below this comment will be discarded isn’t relevant, other than being there, to see what the current behavior is. This will create an override, without modifying the original file.

I think I did it, got this response
Successfully installed edited file ‘/etc/systemd/system/transactional-update.timer.d/override.conf’.

To my understanding, this will result in that when i boot my laptop (if it was not running at 0000-0200) it will check for updates at a random time, in those 15 minutes, correct?

Correct. There is the caveat that it does need to be plugged into AC power, as that’s one of the conditions for the update to run.

Ok got it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything to me! :slight_smile:

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