Messed up in SUSE 11.3 Server


First off I’m new to the whole linux/gnu department so sorry if I might say something foolish or dumb in your point of view.

So as I was trying to install some separate codecs on the server one of them gave me somekind of zlib error saying I either need to upgrade the version or re-install it so as stupid as it seems I did a kind of “re-install” for zlib, “zypper remove zlib” (and was planing to do a zypper install zlib afterwards) but turns out it practically removed every possible way to get anything back, zypper didn’t work, wget also was gone so I called my dedi provider and asked them what should I do, they said everything is fine on their end but when I’m trying to log on via SSH now it keeps giving me “Connection aborted” fail. So they set up some kind of SUSE Recovery system and I was hoping someone could tell me if and what could I do with it to get it back on track.

Best Regards

Well, I guess you need to own load the zlib package and all its dependencies that you removed. You should be able to get then from the site referenced in your repository list. Or you might reinstall.

You took the wheels off your car and thew then away. No surprise you can’t drive.