Menu Editor: How to change Computer menu?

The title says all.

I wanna find a way to change the Computer menu from Kickoff.


If you are talking about the Grub Operating System boot menu, the normal method is to run YaST / System / Boot Loader. You did not indicate what you wanted to change. You can also use the following manual command, but only if you know what you are doing and the YaST Boot Loader is not allowing you to make the changes that you desire. Using the KDE menu Run Command:

kdesu kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst

Now if you really mean the KDE program menu, just right click on the menu icon and select Menu Editor with your mouse.

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Nope, not Grub.

The Menu editor doesn’t allow to edit Computer submenu even if it’s ran as root.

I’m making a distro and I need it.

Maybe editing kickoffrc, but I need suggestions.

Well, I stick with the standard openSUSE releases myself and never tried to make my own. Not sure what desktop you even are using, but that is the key to how to edit the menu system. You have a boot menu, a login menu and if you start a desktop GUI, you have an application menu with the two main ones being KDE & GNOME. Not sure what you got when you are doing something different. If you are not using a desktop and stick with the CLI, you would have to write your own script menu system to drive that.

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Need more specificity please. In KDE I have no problem editing submenus, but I use the old style KDE menu


I use openSUSE 11.3 and KDE 4.4.4.

Kickoff has this 5 menus:
·Recently used

I wanna edit the Computer menu, but it doesn’t appear in KMenuEditor even running as root.

So you right click on the menu icon and pick “Application Launcher Menu Settings”, see if that does what you want. I have swiched to the classic KDE menu a while ago, not sure if that matters.

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