Memory test on 10.3 with KDE

I recently upgraded/maxed out my laptop’s memory.
I think I got a very good deal on the 2-2gig DDR2 banks but sometimes I get the feeling it may NOT be the correct memory for my particular laptop, sometimes if feels a bit slower than the previous 1 gig chip it came with.
I’m running SuSE 10.3 KDE on a dual boot Panasonic Toughbook CF-52.
Is there a way to run a memory test using this version of SuSE?

In advance THANKS for your reply!

Install memtest86 ( on your install media or the repo ) & run it, see what it shows


Thanks so much.

I followed your directions, installed it, but did not find it until I re-started my laptop later on. (It is on the boot screen.)
I will run it later on and see what it tells me.

Thanks for your kind reply, this is why OPEN SOURCE RULES!!!