Media Codecs Licensing

Hi, I’m just a bit confused about this regarding repos with x264/x265 and other codecs. I’m foloowing on from this thread regarding builds.

How come PACKMAN can build on OBS and provide a repo with x264 etc yet suse repos (media:libs,media:apps etc) can’t?

As I said, I’m confused yet curious.

OBS is both a software and the openSUSE official build instance.
Packman uses OBS (software) on a separate build instance called Packman Build Service (PMBS), which publishes packages under a host where SUSE can not be held accountable.

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My question was clumsy - I really wanted to know why PACKMAN can provide x264/x265 and suse can’t. Does PACKMAN have some sort of license that suse doesn’t?

Neither project provides any sort of license for end users. The difference lies in accountability.

PS: Licensing discussion appears to be off-topic for this forum, I’d suggest moving this elsewhere if there’s no technical support required.

This will answer your questions.

Thank you. An interesting read.