meaning of suffix -pae, -default, -trace

Good wishes to everybody!

I have no idea: what does kernel suffix mean?
After OS installation and supplementary product installation I am discovering a set of boot alternatives and corresponding kernel versions. They have different suffixes: -pae, -default, -trace.

It appears that kernel *-pae is booting normally,
while kernel *-default hungs in the middle of booting process being unable to discover certain disk or partition.

Some products also have similar suffixes: -pae, -trace,
-default. What does it mean? Shall I keep kernels that do not boot?

Thank everybody for the assistance.

The kernels are :

default - standard used for “older” hardware

pae - supports NX bit & PAE address extensions.

desktop - optimised for audio playback and interactive responsiveness

trace - is likely enabling the performance event tracing of Linux. It’s labelled as Realtime kernel type in description though.

Just use -pae if it works for you, or if it was selected by the installer and there’s no good reason to change the choice.