MBR on wrong drive

Hi everyone,

since I got stuck with fedora I am giving opensuse the go-ahead. My setup is:
1x IDE 2.5" operating system
4x SATAII RAID5 (software) /home

The IDE is IDE0 and primary boot drive in my BIOS, but when I try to install it says that it is unable to determine boot sequence and installs the MBR on SDA (the first SATAII drive).

It also recognizes my IDE drive as /dev/sde.

Pls help

Can’t you specify /dev/sde in the advanced options of the boot installation?

for the grub loader yes, the MBR, not sure

Yes, I changed the order of the drives, installing now, hope it works

This installing (read: formatting RAID5 partitions) is taking forever.

If I ever want to re-install, can I just keep the current software RAID format (and keep my data). And how is this done in the install menu. (it didn’t recognize the already raid formatted drives from fedora)

Yes in the future you can reuse the raid as your home partition, I do.

You simply need to tell the partitioner that the /dev/md* drive is /home and don’t format.

Surprising, I had LVM volumes from Fedora 8 recognised, so would expect Linux software RAID to work.

Are you really sure, that it wasn’t the counter-intuitive intstaller explanations (Bug alraedy filed for 11.2) which made you think it didn’t recognise them?

You need to create your own proposal, which actually really lets you edit what it finds already there, so long as you claim to be an “Expert”.

I think that might have been the problem