Maximized windows are larger than my monitors

I have re-installed Tumbleweed today with an ISO which I downloaded last night. After booting into it I see that windows, when they are maximized, are horizontally larger than the monitor.

I have 2 1920x1080 monitors, one internal in the laptop and 1 external, and they both show a part of the window which is located on the other monitor. I tried to make a screen dump from it but here it is not shown. I now have made a picture with my phone and will upload it after I have posted this message.
Looking in the setting I see that both monitors are setup with the default amount of pixels, I can also nog find something like a zoom-factor or something familiar.
What could this be?


Sorry for the disturbance. I searched the net and found an answer where the resolution was lowered on both screens and after that raised to the default value again. Now the maximized windows are just as large as the monitors.

This thread is solved.

Fine it is solved. But next time please remember that we can not read minds and please mention which Desktop Environment you use.

You can’t read minds? Disappointing.
But seriously, yes, I should have mentioned I use KDE. I fully agree.

My guess because I am no mind reader too. It happened on a tv monitor. Well another solution to set the tv monitor to screen fit.

No, I don’t use a TV monitor, it’s just a normal 24" LG monitor, plus the 15.6" built-in laptop monitor. They both did it, they both had a part of the window, located on the other screen, visible. I could have 2 mice as well which did the same.
But I’m happy there is a solution for it.