massive issues with proxy settings! only konq. works!

hi there!
now it’s almost a week gone since i’m trying to get my opensuse 11.0 working.
all my hardware drivers were recognized without any troubles. that’s pretty nice, but i can not SURF THE NET.

i’m NOT directly connected to the internet.

only one out of four(!) web browsers work -> it’s the konqueror, but it recognizes only very very few plugins and i’m having massive troubles with using HTTPS connections, some sites work, some not eg. oh my god! this is my most important internet site, and it doesn’t work with konqueror. of course i’ve tried to spoof the browser type, but it doesn’t work too.
another trouble with konqueror is that i can not open any java-based chat, but i can open some java-based online banking sites.

----> now my problem is that i cannot use firefox, seamonkey or opera
the interesting thing is that those 3 browsers recognize all plugins i need (flash, java, totem player plugins,…), but i cannot use them.

hope you can help me soon.

of course i’ve been googling for this issues for days, but still didn’t find any solution for my issues.

hi everybody!

i’ve just banned opensuse until it learns to handle some simple networking tasks,
like connecting to proxy and displaying the motherf+#*!%ß http sites and so on.
i’ve though the 11.1 will solve this issues, but i’ve experienced more troubles with 11.1 !
omg, this is the climax! i’ve thought 11.0 was baaaaaaad enough, but there is 11.1
it simply sucks! i’ve installed it completely without any troubles, but it won’t boot!!
i did not know any OS until 11.1 which will let you smoothly install everything…
…and then it won’t boot! starts to boot an after some booting it brings “exception Emask” error messages.
enough is enough, i gave up. thank god are there more free alternatives…

bye bye