Mariadb error

My 15.4 system is showing this message: The full MariaDB error message was : DBI connect failed : Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/run/mysql/mysql.sock’

How do I make mariadb work? How to fix this error?


You give little information about this error. Which program give this error message?
Are there more details in /var/log/mysql/? there are files like mysqld.log-20220617.xz (open the last with ark and look the details messages)
Can you check if the mariadb service and mariadb.socket are active? use

systemctl status mariadb.service
systemctl status mariadb.socket

Does myslq works?

mysql -u root 


Alternatively, quit mariadb, in Yast>Services Manager, find mariadb.
Set Start Mode to On boot, click on Start and click on OK


I’ve tried several ways to make mariadb work but it didn’t work. I installed it the same way with version 15.3 and it works fine. I use webmin to administer my virtual server.