Mapping Windows/Super Key to Open the Menu in 13.2 KDE

How does one map the windows/super key to open the menu in openSUSE KDE 13.2?
I believe there’s a key mapping area in KDE, but I do not know where it is.


Well there may be a conflict because the Super key is sometimes used as a shifter. But in general you right click the widget/icon you want map and select the settings options in there you can change the hot key.

Ahhh I see what you’re saying…hmm that’s a weird thing in KDE I guess. Never had any other DE or OS do this lol


Maybe use alt-super or ctrl-supper.

No that does not work I use super (meta -F1) But meta-z would be close to Windows way LOL

Hahaha, I’m trying the Meta+z and it seems to work great! lol!

This is a limitation in Qt: the Windows key is a modifier (like Alt or Shift), and you cannot use modifier keys as shortcuts, only in combination with other keys.
To be able to use the Windows key as shortcut, you’ll have to remap it to something else (F13 maybe?).
See here e.g.:

Another (easier) way, especially for opening the application launcher with the Windows/Super key:

ksuperkey is available here:

I got ya, I’m currently using Windows+z and that seems to do the trick for me. Although I like your suggestion to make the Windows/Meta key something else, thus freeing it to be used normally, so maybe I’ll do that down the road.