Manually install Grub on Laptop

Hello, I installed openSUSE on my laptop on another hard drive! I intentionally disabled the function of not using a bootloader because I wanted to use it on Windows Boot Manager! After installation I used EasyBcd to add the system to Windows Boot manager and it didn’t let me choose when I search on the web so it says that Microsoft has disabled the function of adding an entry for Linux and older systems using Uefi!

This does not seem to be quite right. The issue isn’t that Microsoft has disabled the function. Rather, the way that easybcd works is not compatible with UEFI booting.

I have used BCDEDIT for booting linux. It works by putting a copy of the boot sector into a file. But with UEFI, there is no boot sector. A legacy boot sector interfaces with the BIOS in a way that is not compatible with UEFI. Yes, it might be able to work if you turn on CSM (compatibility support module) in the UEFI firmware (if supported), but that’s not compatible with secure-boot.

Additionally, the EUFI BIOS typically provides a BIOS boot menu, so you really don’t need that BCDEDIT support.

If you successfully installed openSUSE, but omitted installing a bootloader, it’s readily possible to boot the installed system using the installation media, then install and configure Grub to boot both TW and Windows, by using YaST.

I fail to parse it. Are you using bootloader or are you not using bootloader?

I didn’t installed any bootloader

Well, even forgetting about UEFI - EasyBCD works by copying existing bootloader. If you did not install any bootloader, how did you expect to use EasyBCD?

You need to install openSUSE bootloader to boot openSUSE. And as already mentioned by @nrickert, on UEFI you can simply use your BIOS boot menu to choose Windows or Linux.

But actually we do not even know whether you are using legacy BIOS or UEFI.

And how to install openSUSE bootloader?

As described here

How to configure grub?

After you have started YaST → Bootloader make sure “Probe other OS” is checked and hit Accecpt/Apply…this should install the bootloader

How to start yast if system is not starting?Must I running installer using usb?

Yes, as described by mrmazda. Simply insert/plugin your installation media, start the system and chose “Boot from harddisk”.

I can’t boot due a an error or a bug
Note:I’m using Ventoy

Video:MP4_20240409_175318VLOG.mp4 - Google Drive

Yeah, this Ventoy stuff is unsupported and not recommended.

You can also chose “Upgrade” in the installation media screen. Let the “upgrade” run through until you reach the summary page “Installation settings”. In the summary page, click “Booting”. Check “Probe other OS”, accept, and let the installer finish…

It will reinstall the system?

There is a difference between “Upgrade” and “Installation”. See screenshot:

I clicked on booting button at summery menu or update settings then selected grub2 for Uefi then clicked ok!It didn’t make anything!

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