Manual Login Not Accepting Correct User Credentials

I cannot login to either via shell or to try out Wayland. The password is correct although I did change the hostname recently.
The username & password work for zypper dup, YaST & su - jst not logging in. When installing the fish shell there was an issue with PAM:

chsh -s /usr/bin/fish
chsh: PAM: Authentication failure

If you cannot login, how are you able to run Yast?

If you go to a virtual terminal (CTRL-ALT-F1 for example), can you login there?

Is your desktop KDE, and are you using pam_kwallet?

It seems that something is messed up in the pam stack, but at this time it isn’t clear what.

I am not having any problems. But I have not yet installed today’s Tumbleweed update.

I am running KDE set to autologin. If I logout to try Wayland, I cannot log back in, have to reboot.
Been this way for months, thought update may fix. Sudo & su - authentication work normally. Just not virtual terminal or manual login.

Can you test whether it works with only the first 8 chars of your password? If so, check the YaST User and Group module, in the Users screen Advanced options, password encryption. If this is set to DES, you’ve been hit by a bug that’s fixed now, set it to SHA-512

Set to SHA512.
My password is actually only 7 char?!? :shame:

I can change user & root passwords but to no affect.

Then that was not the culprit. It was a mere guess, remembering something from the factory mailing list.

I have the time to nuke & pave, but shame as everything set up nicely. I changed root password to super secure whilst it getting some attention.

Isn’t there some confusion?

You are telling that login using your “normal” user fails.

Then you explain that loging in as root works OK. Now that is fine to know (and to have), but that is not the problem.
Then why do you change root’s password (taking the risk that in an apparently abnormal situation connected to passwords, etc, it might offer an extra risk on blocking root from login also).

So, can we recap the situation that you can login using root and it’s password.
You can’t using the username/password of (at least) one other user? But that user can login using “automatic login direct after boot”.

Anyother users on the system that have the problem or not?

And you did not answer @nrickerts suggestion to log in using the console (Ctrl-Alt-F1 or Ctrl-Alt-F2).

I apologise, I’m probably not explaining it very well:

Autologin is working for singular user. (If I then log out, I have to reboot to trigger autologin again the GUI Login screen will not accept my credentials.)
I cannot login via virtual terminal either. (However credentials work in the standard terminal for privilege elevation, both root & regular.)

Sorry, but let us try to use the same wording on both sides.

What is a “virtual terminal”? konsole (from KDE) or xterm or another emulator from within a desktop session?

What is the “standard terminal”?

But using a emulator (konsole/xtrem/…) from a grphical session, you do not need to log in, you are then already. Or do I miss something here?

We asked you to do a Ctrl-Alt-F1 to use the console.

Also I have problems to understand what you mean with: “(However credentials work in the standard terminal for privilege elevation, both root & regular.)”. Apart from the clarification what you call the “standard terminal”. Does this mean that can then change to username root (something you already told many times), but what is “regular”?

And please do not forget that when working from a terminal emulator with the GUI, you can then easily copy/paste from there between CODE tags her, so we can see and do not depend upon descriptions.

Looks like your system keyboard is diffferent from the one in KDE… Please compare those two. In my case both of them are set to US English

Ctrl + Alt + F1 through F6 will not accept credentials.
Konsole accepts same credentials for priveledge elevation.

Not for “normal” user, and not for root.

Thus for root.

That would point in the direction of Knurphts idea.

I also asked about whether you use pam_kwallet with KDE.

The reason I asked this, is that there was an earlier bug in Leap 15.1, which comes close to fitting your description. And uninstalling pam_kwallet fixed it.

The system keyboard is set /etc/sysconfig/keyboard, in my case looks like this:

# The YaST-internal identifier of the attached keyboard.

In KDE Plasma5 it is defined in Systemsettings - Input devices - Keyboard layouts.

No provider of pam_kwallet.

Not a lot of differences between US/UK keyboards in my experience, the “@” & “£” are swapped?

A fresh install will log into a standard Plasma no problems but both types of Wayland session hang & do not load. So kinda useless.
Upgrading & resetting repos changes nothing.
I guess if this is not some paranoid wet dream of maliciousness with an owned system, if it ain’t broke, & it still serves my needs perfectly well…

Troubleshooting recommendations…
A possible consideration to speed up your troubleshooting is that when you fail a login, can you login with another account particularly root (just for troubleshooting, not recommending this practice for regular use)?

So, for instance if you can logout, then fail to login, and then login by another account, you can display all system events within the past 5 minutes which ought to return a clear error during your failed login.

journalctl --until "5 minutes ago"

or the following which displays the last 100 entries

journalctl -n 100

A wild guess might be that your failed logins sound like they’re all related to logging in through your DM.
If that’s true, then that’s not necessarily an indication the DM is the problem but by process of elimination you can try switching to another (eg from SDDM to LightDM or vice versa).
In fact, that’s an interesting idea… Is this your only installed Desktop, is this the only or are there other DE which are installed (and if so is this the originally installed DE?)?

You might also see if your problem is strictly local logon or try a remote logon (eg ssh) since that would authenticate differently… although you do seem to say that you have no problems authenticating within your KDE session, ie a windowed console like Konsole, and elevating to use something like YaST and then returning.


Thanks. Yes you are correct, root login works. I may investigate further or just wait till Wayland is default! I did not clearly understand virtual terminal/shell/root/user. I have a clearer understanding now.