Makehuman for tumbleweed help

Need help where to get a working makehuman repository in tumbleweed please.
The makehuman available for tumbleweed in the graphic repositories needs the python-numpy,and it is no longer available in tumbleweed. Thanks in advance.

According OBS there is one home repo which ships an adapted makehuman package which depend on the newer python3-numpy which is available in Tumbleweed.

OBS has some more deactivated and old home repos:

Thanks hui. I tried but didn’t work.

@conram I suspect it’s python3-qt4 that’s the issue since it’s gone… the next version uses qt5… let me branch and update.

@conram Fixed and submitted…


Thanks a ton malcolm. You save the day once again.

@conram I need to do some more cleanup, and will re-submit but should be good to go now.

@conram can you download and manually install these two rpms with zypper and test before I submit?

Thanks, I downloaded and installed in tumbleweed and it is working.
Only thing I noticed is no assets available (eg; clothes etc.) so I download the makehuman-assets rpm
from one of the home repositories that provides it and it worked with your build.
Thanks again for helping, really much appreciated.

@conram ok I need to fix that… a task for tomorrow :wink: Once sort that will get another test to you.

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I will stay tuned. Thanks.

@conram ahh so it is a separate git repo, so a separate package. You should roll with that then.

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@conram can you install another build and test for me?

Hi malcolm, I can’t download it, I get 404.

@conram on the 404 page change the 11 to a 12 and should get both files

Thanks, I got it installed. Testing it now and looks good.

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