make on gadmin-squid 0.1.1 error

Hi there, I’m working on pilot machines for local cacheing (to replace Windows 2003 server & proprietary cache software on a bunch of machines).

There doesn’t appear to be any x86 binaries of gadmin-squid floating around, can anyone tell me what the cause of this error early in the make routine is caused by?

checking for PACKAGE... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+ 2.0 >= 1.3.13) were not met:No package 'gtk+-2.' found

Do I need the GTK source, a GTK compiler package, to update my GTK version, a symbolic link somewhere or mystery ingredient X? Sorry if this is a particularly blonde question, I’m sure it’ll be the first of many; last time I did server stuff it was text only :stuck_out_tongue:


make sure that you have the packages gtk2 AND gtk2-devel installed.

Thanks, it was missing the gtk2-devel package and has moved onto a new error :X

Package pixman-1 was not found

Its specifically looking for the file “pixman-1.pc” … figured I’d check the packages before posting this time, but havn’t found anything that refers to the pixman package directly :\

Hi again,

Welcome to dependency hell (hmm… it’s not so bad at all)

Install the packages cairo, cairo-devel and xorg-x11-libs

Then try again to configure/compile, cross your fingers … and install the next missing packages until it works. Use yast2’s search function to find the packages providing missing dependencies and enable RPM “Provides” in the search.

Hint: when you compile applications yourself you almost certainly need the *-devel package of the dependencies as well.

Hello again again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, 6 packages later (four of which I could only find source for) and it has got as far as having a go at compiling … it now kicks back with an error from gcc itself and KDE is borked, lol >_<

I’m going to take a pass on gadmin-squid and use webmin instead :-/ I need something thats predictable running on these caches!

They are all on packman…

Download the src rpm and extract so you can see how it’s complied :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks!

Guess I still have a lot to learn about the modern world of Linux :slight_smile: