Make gparted or clonezilla as a boot option in grub

Is there a way to add boot options to grub, e.g., gparted or clonezilla? Would be a lot handier than booting these from usb or dvd.

thanks for any ideas.

tom kosvic

And where would you like to put them then? On some more partitions on your system disk?

the iso files for them could be in any storage directory. I have them now in virtual machine directory. grub would be configured as to where they are.

tom kosvic

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Yes, you can, but it restricts their use. Probably beyond the level of understanding of many.

So it is better that those who understand what these tools really do, install them themselves where they like them.

Or use tools like dd, fdisk, mkfs and the like. They are there by default.

And of course you have installed YaST by default. It includes a good partitioner and file system creator.