"Make: command not found" Where to download "Make" on Internet


I am trying to install a driver for my wireless adapter. The manufacturer provided a sh script to do it. I tried to run the script but it stopped with this error: “bash: make: command not found”

Read somewhere you can search “make” in YaST and find the software, but the computer I’m installing the driver on has no Internet connection. Is it possible to download the “make” files on another computer and then transfer the files with a USB drive? If yes, how do I install the files after transferring them?

Many thanks.

When you want to buil software, you not only need make, but much more. Normaly that is installed by installing the Basic Development Pattern. (e.g. in YaST >software > Software management, then Patterns from the View button, scroll down to Development anf check the Nasic Development.

When you do not have connection to the Internet, you could use the DVD the system is installed from. But then you will not be up-to-date.

You can download the Leap 42.1 package here:
Then install it with “zypper in filename” or “rpm -i filename”.

But you are likely missing other packages as well, like gcc or the kernel headers.
Downloading and manually installing everything can be done, but is a bit cumbersome.

So I would rather recommend to install everything from the installation DVD.

If you have it at hand, just insert it.
If not, download it and burn it to a DVD or USB stick and insert that.

It should still be in your installation sources list anyway (depending on how you installed in the first place though), so after you inserted it, just enter YaST and install the “Kernel development” pattern (in “View”->“Patterns”).
You might have to add it manually in YaST->Repositories though.

Feel free to ask further question if necessary… :wink:

It’s unlikely that you should need to install a network driver from your manufacturer.

What kind of network adapter do you have?
Are you sure your LEAP install didn’t automatically install your network adapter?


I agree with TSU that your real problem is to get your wifi adapter running.

You better start there instead of asking about this step that might not be needed at all.
(See also: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#goal)

There is a Wireless sub-forum here. Best to ask there. Anf do not forget to read the sticky threads at the top of that orums. It tells you what information you can gather already, so you can post it in the first post of your new thread.