Make a link to a windows executable file on kde desktop?

I’d like to make a shortcut on the desktop to an exe file that will run in wine, primarily utorrent. Does anyone know how this can be done? i tried doing it but nothing happened.


Does the application show up when you search for it in the menu? If so, then you can just drag it on to your desktop and it will automatically create the link. Otherwise find out where the .exe is in your .wine folder and then drag it to the Desktop.

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As I recall, many years ago now, install of utorrent in wine used to drop a launcher icon on the kde3 desktop.
Obviously not.
Find the .exe as installed in .wine/
Try copying the ut file to the desktop or lookat the properties to see the launch path and create your own

Thanks that worked, and i was also wondering how i could change its icon to something a bit more suiting?

when i right click the firefox icon i can change the icon image. But the newly copied executable file won’t let me change the icon for that specific item. This is primarily why i wanted to know what information to add once i did “create new -> link to application”

What happens with right click properties ?
Screenshot possible?

Have a look at the link in my signature.


thanks a million geoff

so just type
wine “c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Photoshop.exe”
in command box for example