Maintaining Nvidia and Tumbleweed


Ive recently built a PC with an NVIDIA GPU, and had quite a hard time with its install on tumbleweed, so much so that I switched over to LEAP.

I was curious how others with NVIDIA GPU especially newer models, maintain their system with tumbleweed or even rolling release distros in general. what is your process?

How often does your system break and what is your procedure when there are kernel updates?

Is AMD any better for compatibility with linux when it comes to rolling release distros?


currently nvidia has a tw repo but only the G04 driver is present so maintaining your driver is a no brainier just add the nvidia repo and install the driver it will be auto updated

zypper ar -f nvidia
zypper inr

there is a bug in the G03 driver that needs a patch applied before you can install the run file from nvidia the hard way (it’s discussed in the forums somewhere)
for new cards GeForce 400 and above there is a precompiled nvidia driver available for TumbleWeed
for old cards 6xx-3xxx the G03 driver can be installed with some tweaking
I have no idea about amd chips

I understand the process from the wiki. it just didn’t work for my system, I was trying to debug it but it took too long and I needed to do some work, so I gave up and went to leap.

I was more curious about what is considered best practice when there are updates such as kernel updates and/or updates from proprietary driver(i.e Nvidia)?

With Nvidia there’s no way to tell how it will react, is it simply update kernel then see if it works, is it always a gamble?

I’m a newer user so I dont really know how well Kernel or even linux updates play with nvidia prop drivers and vice versa, like what is the probability of failure per update for linux/nvidia?

I like rolling release distros, and it gives me the ability to learn more about opensuse so that I can contribute eventually.
I would prefer to stick with tumbleweed but if its a significant amount of work to handle my systems because of Nvidia I may opt out of it and stick with leap.

I would go even as far as switching my GPU to AMD if it means it will be easier.

I don’t know why it doesn’t work on your system most likely your system has a hybrid cpu with a build-in gpu and that one has been set as the default in bios or if that’s a laptop then it’s most likely an optimus system which needs nvidia bumblebee not the ordinary nvidia driver
maybe someone more knowledgeable can explain better but in a nutshell for nvidia G04 users the driver is automatically updated whenever the kernel is updated period