MacBook Pro with dual gpu - i want to use only Intel HD

Hello everyone,

I have MBP with intel hd and nvidia graphic cards on board. I want to use only intel chipset (anyway for now) but i cant solve it. I tried bumble bee - after installation and rebooting, x window doesnt launch. I see whole listing of starting services etc and finally it freezes. And only power off helps. Without bumble bee i just tried to load only intel drivers so i edited 50-devices.conf file in xorg, and loaded “i915” driver there - the same result, it freezes. With nomodeset boot option the same effect. How can i work only on intel chipset? I dont need power of nvidia, intel hd is enough so i can save power consumption and heating.

Thanks for any advice.

Do you still have OS X installed as well? If so, this Ubuntu post may be helpful. It uses the OS X ‘gfxCardStatus’ utility to disable the NVIDIA hardware first, then reboot to Linux and check GPU status via /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch, but I understand issues can still result from suspending. YMMV.

Are you aware of this page? (It assumes EFI booting)