Macbook Pro 2010 Suse 11.2

Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone has opensuse installed on one of the new MBPs and if it runs fine. I was going to install suse via bootcamp but can’t find out if it runs seamlessly or if there are any incompatibilities. thanks

If I were yoou I would check out the compatibility of the linux kernel 2.6.31 applesmc modul which is responsible for the fan control, vcore and more, with the new macbooks

I was told in mac-topic irc channels by some apple costumer worker that this modul isn’t loaded correctly on newer machines and the cpu is getting damaged because of the missing fan control and wrong vcore settings.

However, on my Macbook 2.1 from late 2006 opensuse works fine, applesmc loads and works the way it should.

Bootcamp primarly works by emuliting an bios which leads to some limitation (the main is that bios can only handle 4 partitions since there are no more extended partitions on efi systems and 2 are allready used by efi and osx)

Linux distros are not supported by bootcamp but the opensuse partitioner works. Just make sure you don’t loose some data by creating some new partitions, create the first with the os x shipped tool and reformat them with the opensuse partitioner during the installation.
For starting a linux system you may hold down the option key at the beginning or you can install refit in os x.

There is some helpful stuff about macbooks and
linux on the internet too which describes the current situation much better than me since i’m not using one of the latest macbooks.

greetings Kump