lyx 1.6 support


im really thinking about going over to opensuse 11 64 bit (i have a
machine with 4 gb ram) but one thing is holding me back. Yes i am new to
linux, now that is settled. The Word Processor Lyx latest version 1.6 is
not in the package yast2, only 1.5.6 (something) and i have a large
report already partly written in the latest lyx version. Tried
downloading the RPM package from lyx website but get a lot of
“dependencies required” which yast2 cant find and neither can i in the
search function in package manager.
Any ideas on what to do or how long i have to wait for it to be tested
and supported via yast?



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It will be never available for 11.0 like a official update. But it is
available in KDE:Backports OBS repo.


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I could install without
problems on my 11.0, so I guess that your dependency problems come from
the mismatched architecture (x86_64 vs i586).
But anyway, 1.6.0 is even packaged in the build service: ‘Webpin’
For your bookmarks: ‘Webpin’ (


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thank you very much for the help…got it now :slight_smile:
Now another question is how do i get pdf and ghostscript to work in
lyx…? Im use to windows where if you just install ghostscript and pdf
software lyx configures itself to handle it… it doesnt here
made a quick google search to see if i could find something so if any
of you have any input it will appreciated.


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In LyX 1.5.4 under the “preferences” menu item (I have the Italian one
so I don’t know exactly the main menu item, it should be “Tools”) you
can define the pdf converter you like to use


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You will already have everything you need to run LyX, whatever version.
Just download it and go. (You can forget all your Windows problems).


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