LXDE System Tray contents


I have several openSUSE installs, mainly VMs, all running LXDE as the windows manager. All have the system tray set in the LXDE panel. However they show different things, notably only one of them shows the firewalld configuration. I don’t seem to be able to configure the contents of the system tray from the panel preferences. Is there another configuration location for the system tray?


I am not an LXDE user (isn’t that a Desktop Environment and not a Windows Manager?), so only guessing.

Is that one user somewhere related to system managment. E.g. is it the first user you created (at system installation)?
Or the user where you created that firewall configuration … (what is it, a menu entry, an applet, you did not tell).

I ask, because the firewall configuration is typically something of the system manager, not of an end user. In my opinion that should not be presented to an end-user at all. But maybe the thought behind this is that one, and only one, of he end-users is the same human as the root user and that thus only one will get this.

As you did not tell what the other differences are, those could easily nullify my above idea.

I have never been quite sure of the exact distinction. I have tended to assume Gnome and KDE and there derivatives are Desktop Environments, pretty much everything else are Windows Managers. But most happy to be corrected.

As for the other stuff … I am an idiot, the machine that did not display the firewall-applet icon simply didn’t have it installed!!!

Ok, fine that the riddle is solved lol!.

And for Window Managers, etc. Sometimes it will be clear whjt one means, but other times it will create confusion when one uses the wrong terms. When you want to enlighten yourself:

X-Window System

Display Manager

Window Manager

Desktop Environment