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I have a base install of OpenSuse 11.2 KDE and I installed the LXDE. I have really been enjoying LXDE however I would like to be able to use Compiz. I have fusion-icon installed and when I select Compiz for the Window Manager I loose all my boarders. Is there just something I’m missing? I was trying to enable Emerald, but couldn’t get it going properly. In KDE Kwin compositing is enabled automatically. Maybe there is an argument between the DE’s??? I’m still new to OpenSuse and just learning my way around it so any info would be useful.



You can tell Compiz to use emerald automatically by opening up the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM). Find the Window Decoration Plugin and if it isn’t already checked, put a check mark next to it.

Then click into Window Decoration and find the “Command” entry. In the text box, if it isn’t already in there, type

emerald --replace

And this will allow Emerald to start anytime compiz is chosen as the window manager.

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Alright, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the reply.

Did this work for you?

Also if you used the one-click installer to install compiz, it doesn’t install the compiz-emerald and compiz-emeral-themes packages so you have to do that manually. That could also be the problem.

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Yeah. I figured that part out myself, I suppose they sorta should be within the 1-click for compiz eh. In order to get it going, I had to turn off desktop effects with SystemSettings -> Desktop. Then I had to open up simple-ccsm and enable the desktop effects with that. Then I had to force ccsm to use Emerald with the command. A bit of a pain, but oh well. I hope they fix this with the release of 11.3.

With a fresh install of 11.3 (factory for the time being) with LXDE and to get compiz, should I go for Compiz for gnome? There are more similarities between gnome and lxde then kde and lxde right? Perhaps there should be a generic compiz install for lxde,xfce,icewm,openbox and whatever else DE you might want to use with compositing.

I’m not sure what the difference is between the DE’s other than some configuration options like using Ksnapshot and Krunner in place of Gnome’s equivalents.

Here’s a link to a how-to guide for getting compiz up and running. It should make things a lot easier.

Installing and Configuring Compiz - openSUSE Forums

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