LUKS Encryption failure :/


I have a serious problem and I’m hoping to get the answer here.
(Sry for my bad English)

I wanted to install openSUSE over my existing Ubuntu installation. I had a separate partition for ‘/home’, so I used it. I had a choice - format /home with ext4 or not format and encrypt (not necessarily, but I was like “Why not? It won’t format my partition, will it?”). Then, the installator encrypted /home and began to format the system partition. Then, the error appeared, because this partition was mounted and the installator couldn’t make a partition. I repeated the process of installation, but i couldn’t use my former /home as /home, because it was an unidentified type. So I ignored it.

And now…
I have an openSUSE partition with /home in it, one swap partition, two Windows partitions and one encrypted partition with my precious files, which I can’t decrypt (don’t know why, I type password, the partition is mounted, but I can’t explore it).

Please help me, because I kinda need those files :]
Thanks in advance.

PS Were my files deleted in a process of encryption? :stuck_out_tongue: If so, is there any chance of recovering them?

OK, kinda important (for me) update:

I found out (using some fancy tool under Windows) that my files aren’t gone (yeah!). But now, I have to uncrypt the /home partition (I know the password). I can’t find anything interesting with my googles, don’t know why :frowning: