LTSP with openSUSE 13.1

I am undergoing an adventure. I am trying to create an LTSP environment for a kiosk setup. All I need is LibreOffice, Firefox, Evince (pdf reader), and the ability to print to a specific printer. I was doing some Googling and it appears Ubuntu is what most people are using for this. I want to use openSUSE since our entire Linux distribution is SLE. How difficult is this for a LTSP newbie?

My original thought was going to just create an image with openSUSE 13.1 and image all the PCs, 10 in all. I then thought it would be easier to just manage the LTSP server than all 10 clients. Am I over thinking this? Any advice or tips on getting this LTSP kiosk environment going would be greatly appreciated.

You can either wait for the supported LTSP .iso to appear - it usually appears some time of each version appears - or you can build your own in Welcome – SUSE Studio.