Low CPU usage

I think I’m having a problem that affects my CPU usage.

Somehow, after installing Catalyst, I noticed that Firefox was slower while on Youtube or switching tabs or doing virtually anything.

I tested my CPU scaling, it’s off.
I tried adding myself to various groups like ‘video’, or ‘gaming’. No dice.

This happens system-wide and only on openSUSE. I’m currently using 13.2 x64, with Plasma 5 as DE.

My hardware:
Athlon II X2 250 (OC @3.6 GHz)
8 GB DDR3 @1600 MHz
AMD R9 270X (latest catalyst from the repo)

CPU rendering with Blender is slower than it used to, and GPU rendering is also slower than it is outside of OpenSUSE (through OpenCL).
Is there anything I’m missing? I never had to configure anything of this sort so I don’t know if this is my fault. Sorry for the lack of info, this is probably the first time it happened to my. Thanks :slight_smile:

How did you “install” the driver? Are you sure it is running? You may want to check or post the /var/log/xorg.0.log file to see if there are errors. if for some reason the driver does not run a fall back driver will be used.

Yes, I’m sure it’s running otherwise Blender would never use my card as an OpenCL device.

I installed the driver via 1-Click install.

No error in Xorg’s log.

I just noticed that it’s not Catalyst’s fault. I did a fresh install and the same thing happens.

Found the problem, it’s Plasma 5.

Rendering with Blender is slower from 1.6 to 2.7 seconds , and getting in/out of FullScreen on YouTube too. Games are slower too.

Anyone else with this problem?