Loud buzz/beep at errors

I’ve just installed openSUSE 11.2 on my new Dell Precision laptop. The computer speakers (I think it’s the ordinary ones, not the buzzer, but cannot be sure) make a loud buzzing noise when I do something “wrong”. This may be pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, pressing backspace when there is no character to delete, etc. I’ve managed to remove some of the beeps/buzzes, after doing the following:

  • Add the line “set bell-style none” in /etc/inputrc
  • Remove the kernel module pcspkr
  • Add the line “setterm -blength 0” in ~./profile
  • Muted PC Beep and PCM in the mixer

But still I get a loud buzz when pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace (and probably due to other actions as well), even when all sound is muted in the mixer. How can I remove this annoying sound?

I managed to solve the problem. It looks like I hadn’t muted “PC Beep” in the mixer after all. So muting the PC Beep fixed it!

stop pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace unless you really wanna kill
X-Windows and get dumped to a command line interface…

and, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace is NOT the best way to do even that!

it is, however, a good way to corrupt some of your files…the BEEP
was there to tell you to BE CAREFUL!

i’d recommend you let it beep.