lostroad.tk Opens - Linux online gaming website

Hello! Announcement and request :slight_smile: Have asked the Admins and they have let me post this here.

I have opened a Linux Online Gaming website, aimed at… Well… Linux games you can play online… Savage, Steel Storm, Dofus, MMORPG’s, Arena match games, and the like. I am not to interested in offline games as I am a social gamer. Also I am hoping in concentrating on a smaller amount of games I can generate a lot of content on the site for each game, rather than being another Linux game list site. I will never get to the size of Ubuntu Gamers Arenas list or be as gaming HUB like as Gaming On Linux. But I hope to have a page at least the size of the Tibia page for each game on the website.

As well as advertising the website, there is also a request here. I am hoping to write install guides and general ‘useful to gaming’ guides for a number of distro’s. Suse, Fedora, Ubuntu, and maybe Mandriva or other popular distros if i have the time. I only have 2 Suse guides up so far (runescape and 32 bit libs install), but I hope to expand on that. If anyone has a guide from installing graphics drivers to game specific install guides, drop me a message on the contact me page. You will get full credit for anything we use, big shiney letters with your name on and stuff. :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your attention and thankyou to the admins for letting me post this! Link to the website and a copy of my about us page follows :slight_smile:

Lost Road Cafe - Home

I am writing the About Us page not only to tell people what we are, but to remind myself of what I am setting out to do with this website. I have written blogs before, and for myself they have been successful. But I start out with good intentions and a focus, by the 3rd month I lose focus and write any old thing. I eventually lose motivation, drive and all focus and the blog falls to the wayside.

This time I am setting out to do one thing, but do that one thing well from the start. An online gaming website for Linux. I am not particularly interested in single player offline games. I like to hunt monsters and have party’s with other people. Not AI’s. I do play some offline games. But yeah, online stuff really is where its at for me. ^^

In addition to that there are several fantastic gaming websites already that cover single player games. Ubuntu Gamers Arena is in my opinion the best. If your after a comprehensive game list with install guides for Ubuntu, that’s the website you want. So saying that, it is clear there are already good gaming websites out there. If I was to just make another gaming website I would just be re inventing the wheel (and to be honest, I would not make one as full and good as Ubuntu Gamers Arena). So what would be the point? Well there would not be one… Which is another reason why I want to focus on the ‘Online Gaming’ aspect of the Linux gaming world.

Windows, Mac and Wine users, Windows and Mac games hold no interest to me, I don’t use Wine, I don’t own a Windows PC or a Mac. Most of the games on this website are ported to Mac and Windows, so your more than welcome to make a home here. Write guides, post on the forums, or just browse any info we have. But please don’t request anything Windows or Mac specifically related. This is a Linux Online gaming website.

The forum, currently there more as an after thought. I would hope to make it active at some point but I always find online community’s hard to manage. If it takes off, great, if not, well, not that worried.

Lastly my partners joining in on this website too and giving me a hand cause well… She is a gaming nerd… Ruddy fantastic! I got a prize wife here! grins

I hope you enjoy your stay here! Have fun and game well!


You have my blessings, even though that may mean nothing. I know my son will appreciate this. He’s an Urban Terror fanatic. I’ll point your site out to him.

Good luck, lots of success,


Thankyou :slight_smile: Means a lot :slight_smile: