Lost panel!

Hi all,

It’s slightly embaressing but luckily I had firefox open at the time. I have managed to delete my panel at the bottom of my screen and I’m totally stumped as to how to get it back.

I’m pretty new to linux, having dabbled with it in the past… finding it much better than said mainstream OS Ahem :).

The reason I deleted it by accident was I right clicked on it and deleted panel thinking I’d just added another panel to it. D’oh. My firefox isn’t touching the top of the screen either, I think I created a panel up there but I can’t see it or anything.

Sorry for my numptiness in advance, any help on getting my little panel back would be greatly appreciated. I’m using Gnome by the way :).



P.S. I also tried ALT+F2 from searching other posts and running gnome-panel but it doesn’t do anything.

No worries, roughly solved, re-logged in and the invisible panel has appeared, CLT+ALT+TAB also brings any other invisible tab up. Ta anyways!