Lost /home!

I was just booting up my computer, and I was receiving a strange “no operating system” message after the bios screen. My first thought was that my bootloader was messed up, although it was not a GRUB error. So I booted the rescue system. I wanted it to just check my bootloader, but in the process it did a filesystem check, and told me that my home partition was corrupt. I then (perhaps foolishly) let it do a repair. Turns out that my problem was simply that the bios thought that the external hardrive I had plugged in was the root device, so it wouldn’t boot from the internal drive. I got that all taken care of, but now my /home partition is completely empty. Most of my data is backed up, but it’s going to take a long time to get everything set up again, and I lost my VBox machines and some other large files completely. Is there any way to revert the home partiton and get some of my data back? It was an ext3 filesystem.

I really would appreciate some help!

Man, this is really weird. I just opened up Konsole and ls’ed my home directory, and there are all my files! I ran ls -a and the Konsole locks up, even CTRL - C won’t wake it up. None of my files show up in Dolphin, however.

so now you are officially homeless?

well recovering ext3 is tricky but can be done, restoring a backup is a lot easier though…

this was just posted in another thread:
HOWTO undelete removed files and directories on an ext3 file system


If you use file manager in super user mode can you copy the files.
I doubt if the files are deleted.
You could also re try the repair.
Good luck