Lost applications

Bit of a newbie here, so …

Installed Postfix docs and PostfixAdmin successfully!!! Software manager says so, but neither seem to appear anywhere in selectables - desktop, applications, YAST, etc. Logged on both as root and user but not there for either. Is there a secret place where new apps hang out?

PS used the OneClick install in the main OpenSUSE add-ons area for PostfixAdmin.

An application will appear in the startmenu (whether under KDE, Gnome, Xfce or other freedesktop based window managers) only if this applications’s package includes a .desktop file, which get copied (in most cases) in /usr/share/applications. Many not GUI applications don’t have one and can be started from a terminal only (unless you write a suitable .desktop file yourself).

I wrote a blog entry about a similar situation, take a look:
Find executables for missing start menu applications « hashing my weekdays.
Hope that helps.

Alisoncc wrote:
> Installed Postfix docs and PostfixAdmin successfully!!!

how did you install?

i ask because if you install with YaST or Zypper it will normally add
icons/names to the menu list…

as far as i know it is available in the standard openSUSE repos, and
that would be the fastest/easiest/best way to install it and all its

most pretty new to Linux or openSUSE folks can benefit from a read
here to become a little familiar with some basics:


especially interesting might be the section on software
handling/package management…

however Postfix is not a package most users ever get involved with
so i wonder if maybe you are setting up a (mail?) server…and, if so
…well, mail servers don’t need icons, desktops, GUIs etc…those
things just turn company money into heat…


Postfixadmin is a web based configuration utitly isn’t it? For configuring postfix with multiple virtual domains/users?

In that case, try here: Postfixadmin – setup/install guide for virtual mail users on Postfix | David Goodwin for some instructions. It also explains how to configure postfix.

You should be able to access yours at http://localhost/postfixadmin or something. Its files are (iirc) kept in /usr/share/postfixadmin which is added as a virtual directory in apache (your web server) as /postfixadmin.

Postfix is not a gui based program, you won’t get an icon in the menu for any kind of configuration UI.
You can try searching yast for postfix; there is a gui called (i think) postconf. IMHO it’s better to do it properly though, in postfix’s configuration files by hand:

sudo nano /etc/postfix/main.cf

& read the comments in there. google if you don’t understand. And then test your results.