Loss Of Shutdown In LXDE


I am not sure exactly where to pose this question so if this is not the correct place, please correct me.
Currently, I am running LXDE as my desktop, and I love it: simple and fast. However, it would appear that I mistakenly have removed the Shutdown button from the Application Launch Bar:
I have looked through all of the entries and still can’t find what would correspond to the Shutdown icon.

Here is what it should look like:

Any LXDE experts here?



As noted in the big banner at the top of the thread this is NOT the place to ask question

Will move thread to Install/Boot/Login

Thread moved and re-opened, at OP, what release of openSUSE are you using?

Thanks for the placement in the correct forum. I looked at all the options, and none seemed to fit.

With that, I am running Leap 42.3.

Although LXDE is still offered as a legacy Desktop option by openSUSE,
For several years now, the entire LXDE team has moved to building the LXQt Desktop.

I recommend switching to LXQt to get the benefit of their work.

In any case,
IIRC the last times I logged into LXDE,
There should be a “Logoff…” Poower option from the application launcher button,
When you click on that, you should see all your power off options… Shutdown, restart, poweroff.

This is an idiosyncrasy shared by many Desktops including XFCE and some WMs.