Losing all the window decorators on selecting Compiz !!

Hi !!!

I recently installed the brand new Open Suse 11.3 on my new Dell Studio. I installed Compiz and other packages from official repo. But after installing when I used the desktop configuration utility to change the default Window Manager to Compiz all the window decorators like window title , minimize maximize, close buttons were gone. I tried se
arching for emerald fusion theme manager only to find out tht these have been dropped and older repos have been deleted.

I am not liking the default Window manager. I wanted to get themes like before. I have been using Suse for the last 6 years but this is the first time I am not able to get what I want. I just dont like this default manager. I want the look which looks better than Windows 7 …

For the guys who are going to help me in this I have this info for U.

Processor: Intel Core i7 1.76GHz
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 1 GB
(Using the latest driver)
I have 3D running Using ATI Driver

Please help me out …I will be thankful !!!

A updated guide here
Installing and Configuring Compiz

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Thanks for the quick reply…

I have gone through the guide …and the other link with title Compiz - no window decorations for compiz in 11.3, kde4 but it didnt help…

I dont find Window Decorator Tab in CompizConfig Settings Manager(This is CCSM right)

But as U have pointed me to this I will follow the whole process again and revert.

Thanks Again for the quick reply!!!

Are you using kde or gnome?

I am using KDE 4.4.4 !!!

Go to the System Settings > Default Applications > Window Manager

Make sure it is set to *Use a different window manager and select ‘Compiz’
You may need to logout and back in

Thts when all the problem comes.
I am doing the same thing but all the decorators are gone after that

In kde I just use kwin and forget compiz, so I’m not much help.

I think your issue could be helped by the fusion-icon package, but with all the hoo-ha and repo mess, I’m not sure where you stand.

Yup !!!
I agree with U…
Anyways I am giving it a try again…Let me see…Wht happens …
Will update my experiences here…

Did you do this?

Then find Window Decoration and put a check next to it. Then click into it and find the Command entry. In the entry erase what’s in there and replace it with:
kde4-window-decorator --replace

The Window Decoration is not a Tab, it’s a plugin that you check to activate, just like the Desktop Cube. So just look through the plugins in CCSM to find Window Decoration.

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Hey Guys …
Sorry to disturb u again…But I still have issues with the decorations …I got the plugin working as ijbreakey suggested …I got the all the windows decorators but I didnt get one thing which was more important…I would like to know how to change the skin of the windows like we use to do it in the emerald theme manager…I dont like the look of plain Kwin skin…I want to get more options with themes and skin…
How to do that??
Did u guys understand my issue or I need to be more clear for getting any help…?
Please help…I have been searching for the solution for a long time but no go…

Look in Systemsettings, there’s a lot you can configure in there.

Hey Bro…
Thnks for replyin…

I know abt the skins present by default in system settings but I want the kind of skin which emerald use to provide…In system settings we have six-seven default skin namely Quartz, plastik, redmond etc etc…But emerald use to provide more sophisticated and polished skins…Tht why I m lookin for tht…
Any help on this?