Loosing my decorations

Hi all,

Installed Leap 42.1 yesterday, now after about 5 minutes I lose my window decorations (i.e. minimise, maximise buttons).

Is this a known problem with a fix, as am thinking of going back to 13.2.



But it seems kwin (the window manager) is crashing.
Most likely a graphics driver problem.

What card/driver are you using?
What does “glxinfo | grep render” say? (you might have to install the package Mesa-demo-x first to get any output)

Does it help if you disable compositing (desktop effects)? You can do so by pressing Shift+Alt+F12, to disable it permanently use “Configure Desktop” (systemsettings5)->Display and Monitor->Compositor.

When the window decorations disappear, you should be able to get them back by running kwin_x11 manually in KRunner or Konsole.
Maybe this would also give some interesting output when it crashes again.

Hi wolfi323,

I assumed it was graphics related, plus me upgrading from 13.2 & keeping my home dir (uncertain if that made any difference).

So did a fresh install (after backing up my home dir) & the window decorations have remained in place (so far)

I use an nvidia gtx 280, but haven’t had any issues since the fresh install.


This issue has popped up several times over the last few years on my systems:

  • Each time the cure seems to be:
  • Export the user’s settings (especially KMail . . . ;)) and move the user’s home directory somewhere else;
  • Create a new (empty) home directory for that user – copy the /etc/skel files (including the hidden ones) to the new fresh
    user’s home directory; - Have the user login – KDE/Plasma will do it’s thing and set-up everything fresh and new
    ; - Very carefully
    move the contents of the old home directory back to the new fresh one;[LIST]
  • Everything to do with Akonadi and KMail is best restored from exported data . . . :frowning:
  • Firefox behaves best if things such as bookmarks are re-imported from an export . . . – ditto Firefox plug-ins such as Ghostery . . .
  • Re-edit the RC and Profile files (bash & Co.) and things like .Xmodmap;
  • Don’t forget hidden files such as ‘.signature’;
  • The new KDE/Plasma may have suffered some (human) language/location specific changes such as country-specific default directory names (German language users please grin!!! . . . :))


One thing I’ve noticed with the latest 13.2 Desktop and AMD CPU’s and Graphic components, is that KDE/Plasma Compositing Type seems to be happier with OpenGL 2.0 – 13.1 was quite happy with OpenGL 3.x . . .

And, I’ve just now noticed an issue with the Forum software – in the editor with each successive indent the indented bullets change as expected – in the preview they don’t . . . :frowning: