Loosing dual screen positioning settings after reboot [NVIDIA DRIVERS]


I just installed OS LEAP on my main workstation. Everything works well but after installing nvidia drivers I had a strange Issue.
When I’m doing relog or reboot, all screen positioning is lost and It looks like all screens are stacked on first monitor and I seeing only one mirrored display on second monitor.
I tried to use nvidia-settings to save settings but It’s using obsolete xorg.conf . (I have an obsolete GPU Nvidia 7900GS so drivers are so old)

It’s so annoying to changing settings every restart :confused:

I don’t know nothing about this problem with nouveau drivers - first step what I did is installing NV drivers.
How to fix it ?:wink:

NV and nouveau are two different drivers don’t confuse them and don’t remove either. If nouveau works simply remove the proprietary package you installed there are several depending on what flavour you used but all have nvidia in there names. DO NOT remove any others that may be parts of other drivers only those with nvidia in the package name.

Maybe it is time for a video hardware upgrade???

I have a similar issue, using nvidia gfx660 and leap 42.1. However, the issue doesn’t occur every time, just sometimes when I boot suddenly the main desktop is duplicated (mirrored) on both monitors, so I need to go to Configure Desktop -> Display and Monitor -> Display Configuration and there I see like one screen on top of the other, need to pull the top one to the right side and apply, then everything is normal until the issue occurs again some time.

Have you found any fix for this problem?


I’ve tried to set the display config under the “Nvidia X Server Settings” and it did work for some days but this morning I had the duplicate screen again.

Anyone any idea where this issue comes from or in what direction to start looking?


No ideas? No one?

I think, this is one of the Bugs in Plasma.

Just to confirm I don’t see this with GNOME and dual screens, so does sound DE related.

I do turn on coolbits in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf that’s the only config I do with GeForce 8800 GT and 340.96 driver.

Confirming that this happens to me as well. Using KDE. No clear pattern to it. Sometimes logging out & in puts the screens back, sometimes I need to use the “NVIDIA Server Settings” control to fix it.

I had it with different drivers and I’ve got the feeling that it has improved since setting display-config under the “nvidia x server settings”, it happens less frequent.
Sometimes only the left and right display change position, so you have to move the mouse cursor left to reach the display on the right side.


This seems to be becoming an issue again, two days in a row I had to set setup the monitors again.

Still no ideas what this could be causing?


Do the displays come up correctly if a “logging out” and then a re-login is done?

Timing error on startup?

just a thought

Checked it out just now and it didn’t happen when I’ve logged out and logged in again. Though this morning after booting again it did happen, third day in a row.

hi dporobic,


Adjusting dual monitors via systemsettings5 did not resolve anything
(NB. using Radeon drivers)

Just logging-off then on again usually fixed the monitors, failure rate about 5%

Never had a problem after second logging-off/on

Also never seen this problem when using Hiberate (usually on PCs) or Suspend (usually on Laptops)
instead of powering-off


Yeah, I can confirm that. I do suspend my PC quite frequently and it never happened after suspending it, only after power off. Will give it a try with log in/out when it happens next time, though still annoying…

Logging out and in again after the issue has happened didn’t resolve it, I still had to manually change the display configuration.

Note. At this end only Radeon drivers are being used!

This problem has not been seen for the last couple of months.
Is the system fully up to date with the latest kernel and upgrades?

For PCs Hibernate is always used (mains power can be safely swithed off)
unless a power-off/on cycle is necessary due to kernel update etc.


The issue wasn’t happening for last couple of weeks but it started to happen again few days ago, need to check exactly when it happened again but I presume it was after an update.

I install new updates when ever updates are available.

Tried now saving the nvidia settings under


as explained here https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Multiple_Monitors

Not sure if it’s going to work, will report.

Nope, didn’t resolve the issue, it’s still happening. Whats even worse, I’ve recently added a panel to my second monitor and when the issue happens the panel is also gone, so I have to setup a new one…

the following updates have improved functionality,
even login from Hibernate is working!

have you noticed any improvement?

breeze4-style-5.8.0-125.1.x86_64                                |  breeze4-style-5.8.1-125.1.x86_64
plasma5-defaults-openSUSE-42.1.1-157.1.noarch                   |  plasma5-defaults-openSUSE-42.1.1-158.1.noarch
plasma5-theme-openSUSE-42.1.1-157.1.noarch                      |  plasma5-theme-openSUSE-42.1.1-158.1.noarch
plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE-42.1.1-157.1.noarch         |  plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE-42.1.1-158.1.noarch
sddm-theme-openSUSE-42.1.1-157.1.noarch                         |  sddm-theme-openSUSE-42.1.1-158.1.noarch

no problems being seen with dual monitors with [Radeon (HD) 3000 Series] drivers now for a few weeks