Looking for an open source cloud for sharing files

i own a root server with permanent internet connection and i want to use it (next to other stuff i am already doing with it) to share files with my friends (nothing illegal).
I am thinking about a cloud like service, maybe something like dropbox, i do not know becaus i never used it.
It should allow the following:

  • i want a restricted group of people (my friends) being able to upload and download files from it. maybe everyone should have some storage space and can share some stuff or make files public.
  • it should be open source

Does anyone has some recommendations? Is nextcloud something i am looking for?

Particularly if the files are large,
Just set up your own private torrent network.
You can set up your own torrent tracker accessible only by your torrent network members, or distribute or make the torrent files available other ways… eg. a web page with links to your torrent files, or email the files around.

Not difficult to set up, and every member becomes both a client and a server to every other member in your network, plus any of your members can go offline but if any member in your network as the desired file, it’d be served.

Other solutions like a common cloud storage (eg dropbox or owncloud) require that single server to be online all the time, and clients can download only from that one source.


Torrents would work i guess but such a solution would need everyone to install a torrent client. The ideal solution should only need a browser.
Ideally it would allow to make single files public for everyone accessible by a link i can post somewhere, maybe with a time restriction.

My root server is online 24/7 so OwnCloud or NextCloud would work, but i never used it and i do not want to test much, i just want to install the best software available.

There are torrent plugins for web browser apps if that is your requirement.
As I described, you can distribute the torrent file (not referring to the actual file) any way you want, limited only by your imagination.

If you use cloud storage instead, files may be discovered faster (P-P requires discovering all online and available peers which can vary depending on circumstances) but might be limited by number of connections, bandwidth, and is subject to a possible single point of failure. That said, you can mitigate (lessen) the risks associated with these downsides.



I have been using Owncloud and now on days Nextcloud. Started on openSUSE13.x in virtual machine with Owncloud and now on openSUSE 42.2 Virtual machine and Nextcloud 11.x.

I’m using Nextcloud client(and app) on my main Laptop and phone&tablet from the outside (and on my LAN). I also use any computer trow https access when from computers/phone tablets outside my lan (i e i-net café or at a conferences). The virtual machine/Nextcloud is reading from my main server. It took som time before I figured out how to set security by local (LAN) and wwroot whitout to have to have a “local storage” on my main PC.

Make sure if you are going to test that you using https:// for access.

There is a lot of wise & nice persons in the forum that can help you with the setup.