Looking for a way to extend mouse option in KDE Plasma, like button mapping/profiles

Is there a way to have better mouse option in KDE Plasma or, at least, a software compatible with any mouse that have more than three buttons?

Start → Settings → System Settings → Input Devices → Mouse → Re bind Additional Mouse Buttons…

Sorry, I don’t have the additional mouse buttons option…

It may only be available for Plasma Wayland…


I can confirm this on X11 there is not much mouse option configuration but on a wayland session there is way more mouse option that shows up.

More than one year using Tumbleweed and it was always like that.

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Some folks traditionally stick with default DE options, which sometimes doesn’t offer a solution.

I completely avoid Wayland because, quite frankly, it’s still broken and not mature as it should be. And folks will state that’s the only option for a solution.

Anyway, I use a Logitech mouse with six buttons - typical left / right, middle scroll plus middle click, plus two buttons on the left side (right handed mouse) so those thumb controls the two scrolling buttons.

If you’re using a Logitech mouse and / or keyboard, consider installing the Solaar package (plus dependencies). Solaar is dedicated to Logitech keyboards and mice.

You never mentioned what hardware you’re using.

Another popular choice is Piper. It’s a bit more ‘generic’ , for what they classify as supporting ‘gaming mice’. Not all folks who have a multi-button mouse are gamers (like me).

So, google “openSuse piper” and “openSuse Solaar” and do the research and try whatever is the best fit.

As the old saying goes, “sometimes you have to think outside of the box”.

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