lokigames Descent 3 - installed on 12.2 LXDE - how do I . . . ?

I have installed lokigames Descent 3 on my 64 bit openSuSE 12.2 running LXDE. I need some help. The app loads, but locks up the entire system in a black screen. It has been years since I played it, I assume I need to change a setting to openGL. I have a nvidia video card. Where is the config file and what should the settings be?

Second issue it that I am trying to install the 1.4 patch. It installs, but then errors out. Here is the terminal text.

# linux32 sh descent3-1.4.0b-x86.run
Verifying archive integrity...OK
Uncompressing Descent 3 1.4.0b Update.........................
Welcome to the Descent 3 1.4.0b Update

Would you like to read the README for this update?  [Y/n]: y

Would you like to apply this update? [Y/n]: 

Please enter the installation path: ]: /usr/local/games/Descent3

Performing update:
ERROR: No matching delta for /usr/local/games/Descent3/descent3.dynamic
The program returned an error code (3)

the readme file:

                                Descent 3
                              Patch  1.4.0b
                             January 25, 2000

This patch for Descent 3 for Linux contains the following
improvements upon version 1.4.0a of the game:

  - Removed frames-per-second check that was in version 1.4.0a; if your
    game runs too slow, you're now on your own to figure it out.  :)
  - Added --glinfo (-I) option to dump the glString() calls' text to stdout.
  - Glide users no longer use --gllibrary (or -g) to specify non-default
    libGlide.so files. They now use --glidelibrary (or -l).
  - Pressing ALT-Enter (or Alt-Return) will cause the game to flip between
    windowed and fullscreen mode. Only tries to flip if using the OpenGL
    renderer. Don't try this on a Voodoo or Voodoo2, even in OpenGL mode.
  - Fixed multiplayer ship logo configuration. It would try to write the
    logos to the game's installed directory, where the user likely doesn't
    have write permission. Now it tries to write them to
    $HOME/.loki/descent3/custom/graphics, where they belong.
  - File dialogs now lists "hidden" files and dirs, that is, ones that start
    with a period, including the "." and ".." directories.
  - Added --nogamma commandline option for buggy Voodoo drivers in Xfree4.
  - Added -P as a shortcut for --tempdir (running out of letters, here!)
  - Statically linked against newer SDL, etc.
  - Dynamically-linked binary also released.
  - Fixed some single-char command line arguments to work correctly.
  - When checking for files on CD, the game's base path is first checked. Now,
    the preference path is also checked before the CD. So if Descent3 is
    looking for the intro movie, it will check these before prompting for a CD:


  - MPEG support. When playing a .MVE file, Descent3 will check for an MPEG
    version. For example, if playing intro.mve, Descent3 will look for
    intro.mpg first. If it exists, Descent3 will play that instead. This will
    help with systems that cannot play the higher quality movies at full speed.
    (The MPEG versions are available as a seperate, free, and large download.)

These fixes from 1.4.0a against the original retail version still apply:

  - If the default libGL or user-specified libGL fails to load, 1.4.0a will
    try libGL.so.1 as a last resort...
  - Other minor GL tweaks.
  - The tech support number listed with --help has changed.
  - Added Jeff Slutter (Outrage) and Mark Bainter (beta tester) to the
    in-game credits.
  - Fix to allow Mercenary movies to play.
  - Multitexture fix: Whether the user requested multitexture extensions or
    not, and whether the game expected to find them or not, Descent 3 would
    try to load them, and would abort when it couldn't. Now Descent 3 only
    attempts to find the extension's symbols if needed.
  - Support for the COBRA chair. (--cobra on the command line).
  - Support for foreign keyboards. There are some 90+ keys (the SDL
    "world" keys) that are now available for use in Descent3.
  - The game now makes idle calls while waiting for a new CD to be inserted,
    so it won't eat up all available processor time.
  - Added "--timetest" and "--fastdemo" options for benchmarking.
  - Added "--tempdir" option for a few odd cases.
  - Newer SDL used, which fixes some various issues.
  - DRI-based systems no longer automatically crash.
  - Gamma support. Systems with xgamma support can change the game's
    brightness in the video options section off the main menu.
  - Added option to play at 1152x864 resolution. (You're welcome, Metz.)
  - Startup menu checks the rendering speed, and if it's too slow, the game
    aborts with a polite message explaining what's up.
  - Missions can now be placed in $HOME/.loki/descent3/missions/, and they
    will be detected with the other missions, and can be loaded.
  - Some people had problems with CD-ROM drives and strange directories
    being created. This is fixed.
  - Other minor fixes and tweaks.


This version should NOT break compatibility with the Windows clients and
servers more than it already is broken. The "Levels don't match" problem that
is seen on a few maps when connecting to Windows-based players will be
addresses in a future patch, as Outrage needs to update their Win32 clients
and servers, which is beyond Loki's control.

Save game, demo, and other file formats have not changed.


Either use the Loki Update Tool, or manually install the patch by
typing "sh <patchfile>" at the command line:

        $ sh descent3-1.4.0b-x86.run


For information about this and other products, visit our website at:

Technical support is available from Loki Software, Inc. at:

    FAQ:      http://faqs.lokigames.com/
    Website:  http://fenris.lokigames.com/
    Email:    support@lokigames.com
    Phone:    1-714-508-2140
              Telephone support is available between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. PST

You can also communicate with other Descent 3 enthusiasts at:
Usenet: news://news.lokigames.com/loki.games.descent3

thanks for any help

Is anybody out there an old Descent fan? Got it running under Linux?


I got this game installed on my x86_64 machine. The steps I used:

  1. Run setup from the CD:
linux32 ./setup.sh
  1. Patch to 1.4.0a using old POSIX settings:
_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 linux32 ./descent3-1.4.0a-x86.run
  1. Patch to 1.4.0b:
_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 linux32 ./descent3-140b.run

Then to run the game:

  1. Use the static binary ‘descent’, otherwise you have to find all the 32bit libraries the dynamic one requires (which I was unable to do: libsmpeg is not easy to find)
  2. If you get a black screen of death, it’s because the movies don’t play right with your video hardware (I think). You will have to rename the ‘movies’ directory to something else so it doesn’t get loaded. In-game, it will prompt you to insert disc 2 for the movies; just click ‘Cancel’ to continue.
  3. Enjoy!

I forgot one thing - to get sound working you’ll have to load the old oss modules (as root):

modprobe snd-pcm-oss
modprobe snd-mixer-oss