logon prompt keeps looping - Error in service module - how to access SUSE 10.1 command prompt

Hello, I’m using old SUSE 10.1 (gom linux) and looking to recover data. The logon prompt keeps looping even after logging in as root user - Error in service module. Has anyone seen this. I’m looking to get to command prompt so I can enter command to copy data to external USB drive if possible.

There are two hard drives connected to RAID controller but it’s not clear which RAID configuration is being used. One drive is 1TB, but the sticker label on second hard drive is not visible to get drive size.


Following thread suggested downgrading pam-modules but i don’t know how when the logon prompt keeps looping. Is there a shortcut key to use? Any assistance is much appreciated. thanks.

Unable to login “Error in service module” | Support | SUSE

I doubt that anyone here has 10.1 running (it wasn’t even openSUSE then, but SUSE Linux and support stopped 2008-05-31), let alone seen what you have on it. :frowning:

But maybe someone has an idea.

My initial thought would be to boot from a current (leap 15.3) live USB, then identify and mount the drive(s) that contain the data you want to recover and copy to a second USB.

Considering you are just looking to use a terminal, why not boot straight to a Command line prompt?

When Grub appears, type the letter “e”, you will enter Grub edit mode.

Scroll down to the line that begins with “linux” (or similar), hit the END key to get to the end of the boot string, add a space and the number “3”, then follow the directions to continue booting.

Think 10.1 grub was different there is a command line entry on the boot screen bottom If I recall type a 3 to boot to terminal

I can only see BIOS screen; no grub menu.

Disconnecting and attaching hard drives to SUSE live USB system show bad sectors; perhaps that’s the reasoning for the message – Error in service module.



Oops. Forgot about opening one of the images. Mods remove please.

If you don’t get to a grub prompt then it is a hardware problem.