"Logitech Wireless Desktop MK520 Cordless Keyboard & Mouse" linux compatible?

Hi, Does anybody know if this wireless keyboard & mouse combo is compatible with linux (opensuse)?

Since it’s using a unifying type receiver, you should be fine… Only thing I have found if a receiver gets broken then use something like solaar to reattch the devices to a new receiver.

I have two mice and a KN400 (keyboard/trackpad) that I use in linux without issues.

I am using logitech mice with unifying receiver. I have not had problems.

There was an earlier thread about a problem with a logitech keyboard and encryption. Apparently, you could not enter the encryption key because the driver was loaded too late. I think that was fixed in an update yesterday (the “dracut” update).

It arrived today, the keyboard and mouse are working fine & looks very good and of good quality, I bought it on ebay, manufacturer refurbished, spent only $24, I hope it last many years of use!